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“Ayesha is a great vocal coach. Coupled with her down to earth relaxed aura, she creates a great atmosphere for learning, from breathing techniques to emotions behind the song -she covers all bases and is definitely an expert in her field!”
~ James Barry , Professional Dancer/ Actor/ Singer

“I took up singing lessons after crossing into the Mid Life time zone  … Ayesha’s refreshing and unique style of teaching helped mid wife the birth of my voice that had been distanced from over the decades. Ayesha’s special knack of connection made it OK to sing out one’s own voice in an environment that was both safe and nurturing while enabling me to take the necessary risks to liberate my voice.”
~ Jacinta Harris, Massage Therapist    

“As my teacher, Ayesha considers my interests and needs and allows me to be me :0)”
~ Leah Pearson

“My singing lessons with Ayama Music are always a delightful journey into the potential of my own voice. Ayesha’s openness, passion and her respect for individual quirkiness are infectious and inspiring. Even hitting a dud note (of which my amateur voice still abounds) becomes part of the whole exciting exploration, rather than a disaster to fear.”
~ Sebastian Adams, Industrial Designer – Organism Design

“I took the 5 lessons package to learn how to use my voice, and I have to say it’s been a true discovery for me: not only I learned how to use my whole body to control my voice, but I also started developing a different level of self awareness, like learning how to feel comfortable and relaxed, and how important this could be in order of being able to sing, but not only.
It’s really a nice experience of rediscovery of the basics, like breathing and relaxation, far from the frenetic day to day life. I would do it again and I definitely recommend it.”
~ Cinzia Pegorin

“Lessons with Ayesha were primarily joyful; they were also challenging, enlightening, fun, and overall a delightfully warm and freeing experience.” 
~ Heather Lesley-Swan

“I was trained by Ayesha for approximately 5 months, during my sessions with her I learnt a lot. I’ve benefitted from Ayesha’s lessons immensely, it has given me a lot of confidence in performing. It has also shown me how to increase vocal range and strength. Ayesha’s lessons have taught me that singing is about using your whole body to support your singing, you don’t just draw support from your breathing but your stance, grounding, relaxing your muscles and inner focus. Ayesha has an amazing ability to cultivate the uniqueness of an individual’s voice and teach what it means to sing a composition with feeling and vocal expression. In a way I also found the lessons to be very therapeutic with a lot of music appreciation.”
~ Sureen De Silva

“I came away from my lessons with Ayesha with a deeper understanding of how visualization can shape my sounds, how to support my voice with my belly, and permission to open my mouth farther! Ayesha’s beautiful voice is inspiring, and I appreciated her patience.”
~ Yoma

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